Xmas with Casanova

Now, this is what sets Confident group apart from competition in the film industry. Though this is their first Malayalam venture, they show all signs of professionalism. They have started the publicity for Casanova well ahead of the release and that too in a main stream media like Asianet during the Christmas prime time !

In fact, the film is still in the shooting stage and I guess Dr Roy (producer) has got plans for a publicity campaign that goes simultaneously with the shoot.

So what was all the buzz? It was a TV show titled “Christmas with Casanova” featuring Mohanlal and the complete Casanova crew that was aired on Asianet on the 25th of December 2010. I guess the time was 5:30 pm or so. Never mind if you had missed it. Here’s the program for you.

Casanova Malayalam Movie Release
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Casanova Malayalam Movie News
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  1. Vineeth says:

    Program kidilan… Padavum kidilan aarikkum yennu vichaarikkunnu

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