Casanova Shooting Video

For those of you who missed the many Casanova special shows on TV and are eagerly waiting for the glimpse of the video clips from the location, here’s good news.

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Here’s a video that showcases Lalettan and the Casanova Cast at different locations in Dubai. The video also shows how Mohanlal has done a stoppie. The chase scenes and few songs have been shown too.

Have a look and pour in your comment about this video below.

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Casanova Malayalam Movie Shooting
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  1. prince says:

    superb video….cant belv ma eyes

  2. saju says:

    superb video…. a rare one in malayalam cinema

  3. Arun Prasanth says:

    Laleeta…what a handsome…what a are the real actor in the world…umma..i love you my sweet wishes for casinova

  4. ANVIN... says:

    Laletta superb video………….

  5. JADEER NANDI says:

    Laletta.Nannayi, Thank you. ini We Can Walk Thalayuyarthi


    Lal fanz

  6. Akhil says:

    Hai laletta you r only the real handsome hero in the world i love so much

  7. ANANTHAN says:

    super lalletta u r the hansome actor in the malayalam

  8. ANANTHAN says:

    it is very amazing
    lalleta u r very handsome

  9. manu says:

    i am waiting for Casanova

  10. dlleep says:

    east or west lalettan is the best

  11. AZHAR says:


  12. Padmesh says:

    Laletta… I love you.. I’m waiting for the release… WOOOOW!!!!!

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