Casanova Malayalam Movie Shooting

Casanova Malayalam Movie shooting is progressing in Dubai. This post will summarize all shooting news from Dubai along with videos from different sources available on the net so that you can easily find it all at one place.

So here’s all of it for you from Dubai.

Casanova Latest News Video 1

This Video features Mohanlal dressed in a simple white dress along with his team walking through a water side walkway in Dubai Marina. Dubai Marina is a canal city, carved along a 3 km stretch of Persian Gulf shoreline.

Casanova Latest News Video 2

This video features Lalettan and team entering a hotel in Dubai Marina and posing for few photos with fans.

If you have any original videos / photos related to Casanova Malayalam Movie, please feel free to contact us and we will feature it here with due credit.

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  1. Renjith says:

    Good to see Lalettan getting back to shape… Hope the film will be a super hit.

    all the best

    • arjun says:

      it will be one, dont worry Renjith.

  2. vimal says:

    laettaaa,superb,,,,keep this body very well……reduce stomach…
    praying to become a super hit movie

  3. Seban says:

    laletta keep maintain this body… superb…
    i am wait for your SUPER DUPER Movies
    Chistian Brothers, Kandahar, china town

  4. aswil ajay says:

    lalleta maintain dis body…try 2 reduce your stomach….we r waiting 4 dis movie,dnt disapoint us by keeping the release so long….

  5. achu says:

    lalu we r ready to wait.. bt dis must b a stunning moovie the world evr seen. . .

  6. arjun.s.s says:

    this is gonna be a thriller

    • Rakesh says:

      Yes Arjun… this surely will be one!

  7. sonu says:

    movie Budget 42 crore cool

  8. arjun says:

    lalleta we expect a lot from you.keep up this suits you well

  9. LEEN.R says:

    Laletta…u are like an ocean of talents….There are a lot many talents in u which the film industry yet has to explore…..Try to bring out those hidden talents too…coz we want to make use of u fully as an actor….According to me,u are the best actor in the world….at the same time , u are a “oachayaya manushyan”..a very simple human being…..WHO LOVES TO LIVE LIFE BEAUTIFULLY…..i WISH I WERE U….

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