Casanova Malayalam Movie Reviews

Casanova Malayalam Movie: What would you tell your friends?

As with any good movie, the viewers of Casanova would have got something to say about the movie after watching it. In most cases what you audience tell after getting out of the cinema has a lot to do with the success of the film.

This is a platform for you to speak about how the movie was. Just open up and be truthful. What do you feel about this Mohanlal starer Malayalam film - Casanova? Rather what would you tell your friends about this movie?

Also, please be descriptive in your reviews. When you make a verdict, support it with facts please. You can also rate the movie out of 5

  1. Arun says:

    waste movieeeeeeee

    • ajay says:

      on wat basis bro????movie takes malayalam movie to a new level….

    • Sreekumar says:

      I have wasted my time and money.

    • Shine says:

      First of all, i would like to thank the makers of this movie. Still the climax scene from the top of the building lures me to watch the movie again and i am going to see the same. Casanova is a film about an old aged womanizer which is safe in the hands of the maestro. The movie is good and can give 3.8/5.
      Despite some drew backs in the film, which i think is the love story between casanova and the salsa dancer ends suddenly, but even without emotions, even though the entire movie is based on that love story. The pain of casanova can be told little bit painfully.

      The change in casanova after falling in love with salsa dancer should be clearly highlighted in the movie. Otherwise there is not much difference between casanova and the four villains.

      I also wanna ask a few questions to the people criticizing the movie

      a) as the movie is about casanova (the man of love) even in his mid age
      b) there is no limit of age for love and ***

      Mohanlal has showed great risk in acting the role of womanizer and only he can do this role with so much perfection. hats of to him

      *** Edited

  2. varughese m thomas says:

    Verum Keralathilla Maramchutti Premam Kandu Nadanna Peera Pillerkku Aruyilla Whats Real Romance
    For That Just Keep A Side The Fighting And Tunder Films Of Hollywood And Then Just Wacth Some Romantic Movies Then You Can Understand What Really Is Casanovva
    Its Not Money
    Its Not Beauty
    Its Not Power
    Its Not ***
    Its Not Attraction
    And Its Not Just Your Fame
    Love Is Some Thing Which Is Unknown
    Just See The Film And Try To Understand What They Want To Say Rather Than Mohanlal Super Star
    Mohan Lal Rockzzz
    Mohanlal Not Good
    Leave All These Things Just Watch The Movie And As A Normal Person
    I’ll Rate It 4.5/5
    Mohanlal 2/5
    Confident Group 5/5
    Rosshan Andrews 5/5
    [editted ***]

    • Saroj Kumar says:

      nee enthokke aanu varghese ee vilichu parayunnathu…. dont be a blind fan of mohan lal… veruthe engane ok paranjittu enna kittana ??

    • Prasad says:

      where is love in this movie my dear friend,going around in expensive car in dubai is called LOVE?
      or trying to walk in slow motion is called Love

      if this to things arouse a lover in you,then u r correct,its a love story…

    • Alexander says:

      if this was love movie, I would like to love your sister like Lalettan does. Im sure you will agree to my request. haha..

      Sorry for the comment, but this movie is probably the worst by Lalettan.

      I was there in Bangkok when this movie was being shot. I had met the films crew, Lalettan etc for few days. I must say that, this movie is a super flop. Rating is maximum 1.5/5.

  3. vipin says:

    laletta ummaaaaaaa……..super film

  4. Bibs says:

    For the first time there was booing in Cinemax on the first day shows.. Guess that speaks for itself!

  5. Rohith says:

    SAW Casanova YESTERDAY…a very very very boring…WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME…. A BIG FLOP of a big Budget cinema…!!!

  6. akhil says:

    casanovva super film, not just super, its an awesome film, liked it very much…

    aa kelavan mammu’nte fans mathrame ee padam bore aanennu parayu,

    manasil premam ulla ellavarkum ee film enthayalum eshtavum, sure, ….

    eniku 2nd half 1st half ine kalum eshatayi..

    aa kelavan mamm’nte fansinu manjapitham aanu, aa ___ monte bore films kandu kandu eppo avarku nalla films kandalum bore aayi thonullu…naaarikal…

    anyway casanovva, is a super hit film…

    come…fall in love..

    • vipin says:

      enthoru love story ano daivame….. 4 divasthil kooduthal odilla.. love ennalla ithine parayande cash koduthal aarkkum pennine kittum … ath valya caryam onnum alla …. chumma oro coprayangal.. nalla film s mon poyi kane., chumma ****** irangiyekkanu..

      Edited ******

    • Prasad says:

      don’t comment on lal or mammotty,good movies should run,this craps y u saying a good movie,u want others to waste their money too…..
      Pranayam 4.5/5

  7. renju says:

    santosh panditinem, rayappenem kaliyakkiyathinu malayalikku daivathinte siksha- CASANOVE. Santosh and rayappa.- maappu
    any day u guys are better

  8. X lalettan Fan says:

    The movie was utter flop.

  9. SHAMIN MUTH says:

    “നാടന്‍ കഞ്ഞിയും” കപ്പയും ഫൈവ് സ്റ്റാര്‍ ഹോട്ടെലില്‍ വിളംഭിയാ എങ്ങനിരിക്കും…?
    അതാണ്‌ “കാസനോവ”……
    നിലവാരമില്ലാത്ത ഒരു തിരക്കഥക്ക് വേണ്ടി ഇത്ര മാത്രം പണം ചിലവാക്കിയ
    നിര്‍മാതാവിന് ഇപ്പൊ സംഗതീടെ പോക്ക് എങ്ങോട്ടാണെന്ന് ഏകദേശം മനസ്സിലായി കാണും…….
    കൂളിംഗ് ഗ്ലാസ്‌ ഇട്ട മറ്റവന്‍ ഇത് കൊണ്ട് ബെധമാണ്‌ എന്നല്ല ….
    “ദുഫായി” എന്ന പാട്ട പൊളി നമ്മളാരും മറന്നിട്ടില്ലല്ലോ……

  10. renjith says:

    What a bullshit movie it is! It is a crap one! don’t waste your time guys… we lost our old lalettan now!, there is no point watching this movie, first half itself is aruboru, second half, i was sleeping in the A/C theater! if you like sleeping, go watch it, i assure you get a good sleep for the next day’s work!

  11. Abhi says:

    Film innalle chnnayil kandu…. the crowd was awesome…..
    Its a good film and one time must watch…. first half and climax really good… second half some 30 mins slow….
    I suggest malayalis should change the viewing perception..ithu polulla stylish padangal vannal mathrame malayalam film ini munnoottu poku…. see tamil/telugu films… they hae style as well as substance (ellathilum illa…chela pandi padangal verum kooreya)
    I rate this movie as 3.5/5 —- good movie and entertained after long time as a fast paced package

  12. jishnu says:

    good film

  13. Cinup says:

    i am not a fan of either Mammootty or Mohan Lal… i just love movies, good movies. yesterday i saw Casanova. really speaking, its painful to see Malayalam superstar is in such a bad role. He should have rejected the offer when he heard the script itself. Some Mumbai local movies starring Midhun Chakrabarty is far better than Casanova. there’s no soul or subject in this movie. I wondering the person who created “Autograph” taken this movie. Please don’t go near to the theatre if casanova is playing there, especially with family & kids. it reminds me again… Malayalam cinema is in such a bad shape!!

  14. Devan says:

    Just saw casanova yesterday the cinematography is excellent. The stunt, dialogues and all good. The flash back in second part is too boring and unnecessary. Very poor story. Overall 3/5.

  15. Rishad says:

    i saw casanova yesterday……….definitely its a one time watchable one……….eventhough it is not upto the expection……..The way lal mingles with girls…..some dialogues and some of his mannerisms is really awesome.U can see CASANOVVA (character) and not mohanlal……

  16. vishnu sbec says:

    Rating: 2/5
    jagathy ude acting out standing. Nereyulla vazhi kidannittum bhithiyilude odunna villanmar. Average introduction. Aruboran climax. 2nd half enthanannu namme kuzhappikkunnu. Weak chemistry between shriya and lalettan. Unrealistic story. Weak script. 30 crore poyittu 3 crore inte polum value illa. The perfomance of villans are good. Actors like lalu alex,shankar,riyaz played their role well but all the other actors are like graphic work in rajani sir movie

  17. akkilu says:

    da …ninteyokke mammoookka….kure undakkiyallo kazhinja varsham…

    AUGUST 15,DOUBLES,THE TRAIN BOMBAY MARCH 12…..ithokke….entha punaramone… hit chartil ulla cinemayano.

    ithil ethenkilum theatre kandittundoda….abhiprayam parayum
    ithokke nokkanam

    • anoop says:

      Daaa ****** bombay march indian panoramayil select cheytha padam annuu.. allathae lalintae polae koothara padangal allaaa

      Edited ******

    • pavan says:

      Casannova — Please avoid it esp for family and children. I dont know why malayalis are alllowing these kind of movies in kerala.

      hello Mr Akkilu, think before you talk. AUGUST 15,DOUBLES,THE TRAIN BOMBAY MARCH 12 I admit they are flop movies. But 2010 was a very very good year for Mammokka. was even nominated for the national award. In that year did u ever go to a theatre to watch a hit Lalettan movie. He was even awarded best flop actor award. So If you want, I can give you list of lalettan’s flop movies…

      Forgot about flop movies, just remember both of them have reached an age where they both should look for role which has some substance. Even if he fails, 95% of Mammokka’s films are roles which acts his age. But look at lalettan… what is he doing? he may be a superstar but he is no longer a cholocate hero… Even though a lalettan fan, you should admit atleast that

      • vipin says:

        he man can you please sight an example for laletns choclate movie.He is doing roles only fit to his age….pranayam,CT,CB…ect ok.

        Mammu got 2011 flop actor award you pls check that also.

      • ram says:

        Mr. U sd understand one thing…all that lalettan tries in bringing through casanovva is love is ageless…sherikkum paranjal oru 35-40 vayasinnu mukalil ulla love serious mature hridayathil thatti thonnu…athinuy mumbu oru 50 % vere feelingsa,,,, one senior oly told this,…. pranyam film also talks this but in different background…
        Casannova tells this from age point of 35-40 guy….
        Pinne mammooteede karyam… agreed tat “paleri manikyam” was really good, then thirakkatha and loud speaker…but all were directors movie….mammooty ennum abhinayikkunna pole ullu….
        we want actors and directors to take risk and act….

  18. Vishnu says:

    Thadiyante pranayam karanam 20cr vellathil………..

  19. Vishnu says:

    “Njan vishnu…..
    Lalettane snehichukotiteeratavan ennartam.,….
    Innaleyum flopukal undayirunnu…innaleyum padangal pottiyirunnu..ennal avayonnum ingane ene vedanipichitila..karanam e padattinte peru casanovva ennanu…….
    Innepozo njan kanda padttiloode njan ariyunnu lalettan script vayikate anu date kodukkunath ennu…..swantam style nokkiyanu abinayikkunath ennu….ethoru malayalikkum parayavuna dialoge:e padam pora……”

  20. Vishnu says:

    Casanova irangunathinu munpu sukumar azhikode poyi… Irangiya sheshm kerala governorum poyi…. Kalanovaaaaaaaaa…

  21. shemon says:

    . crowd undengill first half kandirikaaaam… 2nd half ….tooo slow.

  22. GOVINS S MENON says:

    CASANOVVA,kidilan a superr film ,most stylish malayalam film , super locations a beautiful love story mainly, few action scenes by lalettan but that is world class excellent,fil dedicated to all lovers,fans,a must watch film, good romantic scenes btw lalettan and shriya,lalettaaa kii jayyy ,casanovva will surely become a blockbuster

  23. sonu thomas says:

    good film

  24. sonu thomas says:

    its a good film youth will love

  25. vishnu says:

    malayalee ennum malayalee thanne….

  26. FLOPPETTAN says:

    flop movie…………….. aaarum kaanallleeeeeeeeeeee….. ithupole oru koora padam. nariya padam. odadaaaaaaa

    • nikky says:

      who is flop star ???????????????
      mohanlal or mammunni??????????????
      all filims of lalettans 2011 are super hits and mammunnis films are super flops.
      now you decide man who is flop stea

  27. ajay says:

    suuuperrr movie….lalettanallathe aarekondu pattum ithra bhangiyyaayi ee role cheyan????come to the std of world film guys….kandu pazhagiyathum kandukondirikuunathum maathramallla shariii…there are things other than that….really touching…the last seeen and alll…..casaNOVVA…I RATE 4.5/5….LALETTAN 4.5/5…GREAT MOVIE!!!!

    • rajesh says:

      koora padam cash poyi panna padam arum kanalleeeee

    • Alexander says:

      Looks like Ajay gets paid as well. Im sure the big budget is because, the film makers would have paid people like you who will say film is 4.5/5 and lalettan is 4.5/5. Or Ajay probably did not watch the movie at all.

      Lalettan is 4.5/5 in his old movies. This movie was horrible!!

  28. the real Casanova of films says:

    Casanova can be proud of one thing. It has produced the biggest villain(the bad guy) of all time in Malayalam films. But unfortunately he is called the hero of the film. Now i will put forth few questions to prove it. Its a simple game. Just give your choice. A or B.


    A: A man who proudly claims that he has cheated and “screwed” at-least more than 2000+ girls.( forget their parents, their husbands, boyfriends, their pain,their future and their life) (Balan K Nair used to rape just two or three in a film to the maximum.)
    B: Few youngsters who steals few museum antiques for some quick bucks.

    A: A man who preaches about true love and make sure that he does not keep a girl for more than two weeks.
    B: Few youngsters who instead of being thieves, take the risk to fall in love and fight with their best friends when they say a small bad thing about that girl.

    A: A man who just get girls to his bed by wooing them with money and his high lifestyle..
    B: A guy who risk his life and moves above a rope to get a gift for his love.

    A: A man who take revenge by using two innocent girls lovable heart. He don’t care about their love. Its just a game for him to take revenge.
    B: A guy who stand for his love till his last moment, even after he knows that everything is over.

    A: A man who claims that he fall in “true love” with a girl just because he couldn’t get her into his bed cheaply like the others. (Wasn’t that just a man’s alter ego. ( what you have is sweet, what you don’t is sweeter)
    B: A guy who fall in love with a girl because he loves her completely and truly and cant turn his face to her love.

    A: A man who thinks that a woman is nothing but an item for enjoyment and to get her into his bed you just need to learn some basic etiquette and manners.
    B: A guy who risk his life till the end and goes to meet his love even though he knew that he may get caught or killed.

    Well, now count the number of A and B

    More A: I am sorry guys, they say that he is the hero of the film. You you say that he is the villain. Its not going to mix well. Stay away.
    More B: Go and watch the film again. You will like it more.
    Equal A and B: You will end up confused.

    Factors that does not matter for being a good film.
    (1) BUDGET: Even if we say the story of “Krishnanum Radhayaum” for 17.5 crore, its the same movie. Who cares the hero used a caravan and stayed in a five star hotel.
    (2) LOCATION: Even if we say the story of “Krishnanum Radhayaum” in Dubai, its the same movie.
    (3) MARKETING: How can putting hundred banners of “Krishnanum Radhayaum” and spending 5 crore for marketing make any difference to the quality of the film?
    (4) THEATER RELEASE NUMBER: Who cares if “Krishnanum Radhayaum” is realesd in 200 theater or four theaters . After all its the same movie.
    (5)SIDE ROLES PLAYED BY MAIN ACTORS: Before, the brothers of Mamooty/ Mohanlal used to be Sidique/ Biju menon/ Vijaykumar/Manoj K Jayan/Sudeesh/ Ganesh etc. Now its the same role and same performance, but now played by other super stars like Dilleep/ Prithvi or Jaysoorya. (to make it look big)
    (6) SUPER 16 CAMERA: I should tell this. Now we have few advancements in camera techniques like DI and Super 16 etc where we can shoot in ultra slow motions and it will look really beautiful( for first few times). ie the hero will look nice when he walks. But don’t forget that the more important thing is where he is walking to. What if he is walking towards a toilet just to piss? The scene looks still good, but you will get pissed off.
    (7) FILM NEWS: There is no news in entertainment world. ITS ALL PAID ADVERTISEMENTS

    No offense to “Krishnanum Radhayaum”. With 21 crore spend and still when these guys couldn’t engage me with their film and ended up being a bad movie, I really appreciate a man who made a film for 8 lacs and still manage to make what they did- a bad movie.
    If we make such films hit by going to the theater, they will think that we malaylees are such fools. Then they will take few big hero’s, go to a foreign locations, shoots some shots in super sixteen camera of them walking left and right or going in a Maybach or Ferrari. Then they will spends some crores in marketing and publicity and then releases it in hundred theaters. By the time you ask for the review the film will be hit and we becomes a fool one more time. The producers walk away towards the bank laugh at us. ( just like an Adidas or Nike shoemaker who makes a shoe for 500rs and sells it for 5000rs laugh at the person who buys it)

    NB: If Santhosh Pandint had got the date of Mohanlal to play the lead role for “Krishnanum Radhayaum” the channals who criticize him now would have poured crores to that project as satellite rights. BECAUSE THEY DON’T READ THE STORY OR SCRIPT. THEY PAY FOR THE ACTORS. This industry does not change until this change.


  29. Mithun says:

    Lalettan was really at his best, but script was poor, songs are good it was just a stylish movie, just an average

  30. PAPU says:

    Nice film..please see the film and make opinion..tharavadum kulavum kanneril ninnum malayalacinemakoru mochanam…

  31. don says:

    good movie and lalettan so handsome

  32. Sj says:

    Excelent movie..stylish blockbuster of the year.pinne onnichu release plan cheytha king and comm.release neetiyathu enthano awoo…

  33. Vipin says:

    Best film you will love this. If you have lot of expectation it may be an avg film for you. But if not its a complete entertainer…

  34. rajesh says:

    Second ‘A’ certified film after thandavom……….

  35. Abeesh k v says:

    I had a lot of expectation but………………………….. The film made me unhappy at all i thought roshan andrews will never do the mistake and boby sanjay too.but these both guys falls in flop very sad…….. No point of making high budget films the story and script should be good rating- **

  36. Alexander says:

    What a waste of my time and my money. If I had a chance to sue the film makers for my 170 rupees, I would spend Rs. 200 to get that back. Pathetic movie, Pathetic story and horrible acting.

    1.5/5 is my rating.

  37. Vishnu says:

    അങ്ങനെ കാസനോവയും സ്വാഹ ….. എന്തൊക്കെയായിരുന്നു മലപ്പുറം കത്തി…. അമ്പും വില്ലും …. അവസാനം പവനായി ശവമായി …

  38. Vinayak says:

    Nice movie. good work done. the location.. the theme.. the story.. more over the wonderful acting by lalettan… i liked it..

  39. lal says:

    ithoke hindi yil kanumbo kayadikane ningalk ariyuvollooo???? atha malayala cinemaku prethisanthi ………… its a gud movieee

  40. Manoj says:

    Super padam. Malayalatil ingane oru padam irangiyatil namuk abhimanikam. Itz such a high class stylish movie

  41. vishnu sbec says:

    Its a combination of sagar alias jackey, redchillies, engayum kathal. climax oru drawback anu. Oru pennine 2 weekilakku mathram premikkunnathano real casanovian love. njan oru mohanlal fan thanneyanu. but 4 varshavum 30 kodiyum ennu kettappol malayalathile ettavum nalla oru entertainer anu ennu karuthi. puthumuka tharangal abhinandhanam arhikkunnu. But i hope that roshan sir will rectify his faults and lalettan will come back with an unbeatable film

  42. sujay says:

    mamootiyude fans annu malayalam filminte prethisathim, poya varash oru hit polu illatha avante ***** thagunavan avanmaru matharame ee padam moshmanannu paraju ,, i oru nalla padam

    ***** Edited

  43. Ansih says:

    Not up to the level…………….

  44. Angel says:

    Superb…a first of its kind in malayalam. Dont give ur eyes and ears to negative comments which shred out of jealous of other stars’ fans. Let it be any actor’s movie, first we should appreciate these kinds of effort of taking huge budget visual treat in malayalam like tamil and hindi industry rather than being nagging always and shaking ur *** everytime in front of a new venture. The truth is this one gonna be rock new generation malayalam films right from head to toe. Wonderful story and fantastic direction, risky theme but excellent screenplay, marvelous camera and fabulous editing, tremendous and splendid action sequences and what else an ordinary viewer needs. A fantastic visual treat with right amount of all ingredients. Just watch and enjoy!!!

    *** Edited

  45. Ajay says:

    Lal attayude kidilan padam(mainly for all lal fans)

  46. Tim says:

    Can’t believe Mohanlal says ok for movie’s poor script ….Second half was like a decade for me!!!! waste of time ‘n money

  47. sagar says:

    I rate this movie as a good entertainer…. Malayalam movies should have occasionally few movies that deliver some style and substance…. pinne script onnoode proof read cheyyamayirunnu….
    But overall movie is a great entertainer…. must watch movie…. chumma review ezhuthuyum koovuyum oru filmine target cheyyaruthu…..i never see such hatred to actors in other languages….

  48. ashiq raj says:

    Casannova is a good film and wonderful attempt.
    Malayaliyude kapada vimarshanam… they will go and see all Hindi/tamil and even telugu block buster stylish films…. pakshe of some mal movie like casanovva hits screen with some style athine keeri murichu postmortem cheyyum…. i think ee blore/chennai polulla hi-tech citiesil ullavar totally kazchapade matti…all such ppl and some sadachara priyar in kerala are going just to find faults…. such people will never find any good attempt in mal films…. suhruthe trafficinum, cocktailinum, pranyathintem koode ithu poolulla padangalam venam…else malayalam films will always be frog in the well … we have to spend money on other languages to see style and substance,….

  49. Arun says:

    well mohan lal inu eni cheyyan pattanathu either shape up for the roles he is trying to play or stick to roles that suit him .. ethu eppol aana pole erikkana avante porake 100 girls pokunna oru movie erakkiyal aarkka eshtapedan pone.. nammal malayalikalude vivaram vare chodyam cheyyum ethokke hit aayal ..

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