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Casanova Malayalam Movie: What would you tell your friends?

As with any good movie, the viewers of Casanova would have got something to say about the movie after watching it. In most cases what you audience tell after getting out of the cinema has a lot to do with the success of the film.

This is a platform for you to speak about how the movie was. Just open up and be truthful. What do you feel about this Mohanlal starer Malayalam film - Casanova? Rather what would you tell your friends about this movie?

Also, please be descriptive in your reviews. When you make a verdict, support it with facts please. You can also rate the movie out of 5

  1. Kurian says:

    This will be Mohanlal’s come back…

  2. Arun says:

    Waiting to see Lalettan in action…

  3. Arun says:

    And also the galm girls

  4. Madhu says:

    Kilavan aayaapola pullikaaranu oru Casanova aakaan thoniyathu… Yenthaakumo yentho…

  5. Boban says:

    Lalettan abhinayikunna poley verey aarundu innu ividey abhinayikkaan.

    He easily handles any role

    Chila aalukalude dance inte kaaryam pinne paraye venda

    • RAMAKRISHNAN says:

      boban,,, nigal agana parayaruthu…. nan mohan lalintayum mamoottyudayum fan alla… but in this movie did u c mohanlals dance… even my frds who r mohanlals fan too laughed… . satiyam paranal mammoottyuda brk dance (pokeri raja) super thana anu…

    • george says:

      Exactly.(Kettile kettile ninte kalla cherukkanu kalyalam)

    • Kaalliyaar says:

      He is a good actor… But not suit for tis Casanova. What the hell is tis movie..?

  6. Vinod says:

    We have been waiting for a long time for the release of Casanova… When is it releasing?

  7. Susheel says:

    Pinney..dancinte kaaryam parayathirikkunnatha bhedam!!!
    Chetta…Abhinayam ennal kunungi dance cheyyunnathalla.
    Acting oru art, dancing vere oru Art.
    Lokam angeekaricha maha nadanmaaraya Sean Connery, Russel Crowe, Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks thudangiyavarokke dancermarayirunnallo?
    Vivaram Illa ennathu oru AHANKARAMAYI kondu nadakkaruth

    • BIP says:

      ALLAATHEY CHILARKKU DANCE CHEYYAAN ARIYAATHATHU KONDALLA ALLEY SUSHEEL……………… THAT’S WHY THE ”””WORLD””””’ CALLS HIM ”’THE COMPLETE ACTOR”’.our laalettan……….. MASTER OF ALL ARTS……. ha ha ha,,,,,,,pity on you to compare our priceless actors with foriegn RIGID actors. EVEN THEY ADMIT THAT…

    • nth says:

      pottatharam parayalle Mr, than evidathu karana abinayam oru kala dance oru kala ennoke parayan, than ore oru karyam mammukaye kondu cheyyichal njan sammathikam mammukayanu eatavum nalla actor ennu, enthanu vachal KAMALADALAM enna hit movie mammuka chiethal matram mathi. PATO? illengil ini Dialogue vanda.

  8. Rahul says:

    Ella arts kootichernal athu 100%artist.athanu lalettan,manasilayo sushilan muthalali

  9. Venugopal says:

    Kandahar pole akum.

  10. Nithin das says:

    Thondanmareppole boar acting alla lalu ella veshavum cheyyan pattum lalettan ki jai..

  11. Sreejith says:

    Kuree…ayi wait cheyunu. Ithu rlse cheyunundo?

  12. Deepak says:

    Yet to release:)so no comments:)mohan lal will come back:)sure audience

  13. Kakachi says:

    Enthokke aayirunnu malappuram kathi , ambum villum , olakheda moodum ………. ennittendayi colg kumaran flop

  14. abhijith says:

    laleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetan is backsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  15. Prasad says:

    Even though i am Mohanlal fan (before),i strongly suggest please dont think of seeing this movie,TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY,a disaster…..Dr.Saroj kumar is far far better,Arabiyum Ottakavum is a super duper in front of this…no 1 waste of mohanlal movie,CATHINOVA

    • Mahendra Christy says:

      If u r a Lal fan ,don’t suggest such a comment to viewers. U should leave a good comment even it s flop movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Ennu Swantham Lalettan fan…………

  16. hari says:

    potta padam

  17. vivek says:

    superb flim…

  18. shahin says:

    angane oru producer kude mudinju pokan pokunu..
    floapetan rox

  19. umesh says:

    kidilan padam…….

  20. don says:

    the worst film which i ever saw

  21. VICKY says:

    nice movie.paisa vasool.must watch………i sawed it.superb

  22. amaljo says:

    @prasad & shahin…i’m pretty sure that both of u r mammu fans and never seen the movie…the movie is a gud entertainer.. inganathe comment ittalonnum padam pottan ponilla…you better go and watch the movie…

  23. mega star mammootty says:

    fine movie… well done roshan andrews..

  24. Manu says:

    padam kollaaam….kidilam aanennu parayan vayya…..pakshey nalla padamaanu….

  25. renjith says:

    no great story or like that……but a good entertainer…. just like 20-20… a celebration movie… will watch again…..

  26. mohammed says:

    after long time watched a beautiful lal movie.

  27. Abijithkj says:


  28. shine says:

    it is waste movie

  29. nayan says:

    drags in the second half,not bad

  30. Linto says:

    “Love can cure crimes”
    Stylish Romantic Thriller..!
    Wonderful Roshan Sir

  31. Subin says:

    Just another average movie.

    The budget can be used for some other patriotic films or periodic films.
    This is just another stuff. Roshan has done his works well but the story and screenplay doesn’t have much strength. Bobby and Sanjay should come up with a rather exciting script than Traffic.

    Not recommended for Non-Lal fans.

  32. babu says:

    i Watched guys, its not upto expectation….but while watching not bored……also nice one


  33. Jithin says:

    Superb movie,will watch again,,,,superb songs

  34. thomas says:

    ohhh….boring film…

  35. ans says:

    laletta… enthin ivark date kodukkunnu… padam pratheekshicha athra illaaa… climax chali aayi poyi

  36. stan says:

    not bad.. dats all

  37. shafi says:

    nalla movie…

  38. Akshay says:

    The film is average.., it a good movie to watch..,

  39. Sreekesh says:

    watchd casanovva first show…loved it..the biggest stylish movie ever made..lalettaaa kidilam..!!

  40. Akhil says:

    Casanovva my review
    theatre:taliparamba alankeel
    status:house ful
    ravile 7.30akumbolekum theatril ethi.gate thuranirunila.alkar kure vanu.avasanam gate polikumenayapo thuranu.ithe pole thane ayirunu Q nilkunidathum.adiyum pidiyum ayi theatril keri.balconiyil 1st row thane nhanum frndrum irunu
    about movie
    1st half
    padam thudangumbo thane bhayankara aravamayirunu.laletante intro vanapo ilaki maringu.intro songil namal paraka thulal ayirunu.oru pad nala kidilan dilogukalum action sequancumay 1st half kazhingu.just roking 1st half especiali intro and climacinu mumbula scene
    2nd half
    thudangiyath muthal ekadesham 40min olad ichiri draging feel cheythu.engilum nala oru love theame ayirunu ath.but length kudipoy.pineed climacs ayi.naloru twist undakumenu pradishichu.but disepointed.a strait forward climacs.but good actions and building to building jumbs abov avg 2nd half
    Rate:1st half 4/5
    2nd half 2.5/5
    total movie 3.2/5
    verdict:bigest opening sure.baki ini varuna repoqt pole irikum.-ve reviews van padangalum hit wait and see
    not:its not a bad movie.but not reach upto my expetation.may be due to high expetation.but i like movie.iam not dissepointed.its very very beter than saj,kandahar,cb,ct ,p.raj etc.but its not masala movie.its a love story with action paked .go and watch movie.if u r going with high expetation.u r disepointed.otherwise u like it sure

  41. Bilal says:

    1st half kollam
    2nd half pakka boring
    clmx copy copy copy
    vrdct: an avg movie
    dont expect more………

  42. vipin says:

    Kalla perum vachu vannal athra thandyku vili kettalum prasnamillalo alle venugopale keep it up…………….

  43. sanesh kalamkulam says:

    brilliantly lalettan deliverd a massive flop….

  44. Sanal kv says:

    Wow kidilan movie….

  45. neha says:

    super…movie…racing super..super love half brillant

  46. Shyam Kochi says:

    1st half superb & rockn……2nd half avg….rating 3/5…..background score, & picturisation is superb…..whole movie feels a richness….but story & screenplay is boring….Lalettan is too cute to see….Overall its just a normal movie…nothng special…..

  47. Arun says:

    1st half SuperB.
    2nd halh Below Average
    6 out of 10

  48. peppy says:

    nice move,suprb i’m rateng 4.9/5

  49. Vishnu Vishak says:

    padam kollam but story has to develop little more….
    lalettante role lalettan nallpole cheythirikkunnu

  50. Arun.R.S says:

    Watched movie from Kollam Aradhana. Cassanova really rocked. First half was really superb with stylish frames.the Helicopter chase to finish off the interval was wonderfull. Second half started a bit slow but the last 45 minutes was again superb.Alltogether Cassanova is a enjoyable Colourfull film. 8.5/10

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