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Casanova is the first Malayalam movie from Confident Entertainment. So it is obvious that they will leave no stone unturned to make this a big success. To say the least, Casanova is very different from other movies and here are some facts about Casanova that makes it different.

Dr. CJ Roy, who heads Confident Group, is the producer who brings us this costliest Malayalam movie ever. He has been kind enough to step in here are provide us the latest updates about Casanova. Here’s what he wrote about Casanova.

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  1. Menon says:

    Thankyou for the update sir

  2. Tijo says:

    cant wait till december

  3. Varun PC says:

    You are different from all other producers. I have never read any other producer giving such an update.

    The film will be a super hit and one of it’s kind in Mohanlal’s career

  4. Lineesh G says:

    hai dr roy you did a great job ‘BEST WISHES’

  5. Vinesh says:

    Sir give more publicity ..

  6. ansar says:

    marketing is the most imp for big budget cinema now a days…this is not seen in any of the recent big budget in Malayalam….hope u take this in to account..

  7. Dr. Roy CJ says:

    Dear Editor,

    Today is the One of the Happiest day in my Life. We have just completed the Last and Final day of Shooting of “Casanovva Film”.

    By God’s grace we did the Home work, Planning and Shooting for the last 36 months. This day makes me Extremely nice and cozy and I need to say the Team lead by Roshan Andrews and with Amazing and Heavenly Acting Talent of Dr. Lal Ettan we have a really Good Film on Hand. I am sure all the audience would see this Film and Motiviate all of us to produce many more such Films in the Future.

    My Heart Felt Thank you for the Divine Patience of all the Fans, Audience and Well Wishers.

    I am sure, even if anybody is just intending to write negative about the movie just for Fun would not do the same considering the amount of Hard work we have put in to bring this World class movie to your Hearts. Also it would be against the basic principle of this Film which is “Love can Cure any Crime”. This movie is an Emotional Triller with fine sprinkling of Action, Romance and Trendy locations.

    It is a Fact many a days the Team has tirelessly worked all through the night till 2 am in the Morning and restarted the shooting again the Next day at 6 am. We have had a Passionate, Patience-full, Godly people right from the Super Star Dr Mohan Lal, my Brotherly Roshan Andrews to last but not the least person who was Driving the entire Crew around. I was bestowed with the Best of the Team possible.

    Roshan Andrews has delivered a World class Film and now the Ratings and Success are in the hands of you and every audience who would see this film. My Sincere and Thankful appreciation to all of you for waiting for so Long for this Film.


    Again I would like to Say your Web site has given the Best, Authentic and right reports of Confident Casanovva Film. Do continue such great work in Future also. I would also like to Thank each and every other Web site for the Heart felt support.

    Dear Editor and Team keep up the Good Job. We expect the same support and feeling in future. We are doing the Next Film with Dr Lal Ettan and Mr Suresh Gopiji which is the Part 2 of Rajavinde Magan. We have also signed up an Extremely Passionate project with Dr Mamooty and acclaimed Director Mr Blessy. We are also doing Projects with Icons and Super Stars Mr. Prithviraj and Mr. Dileepji apart from our young and Energetic growing Star Mr.Jaya Surya. Totally 6 Extremely Passionate films would be starting in the year 2012 with all the Super Stars of the God’s own Country Kerala.

    See you all in the Theatres on the 26th Jan 2012.

    Wish you all a Happy, Prosperous and Godly New year 2012.

    Best regards,

    Dr. Roy CJ
    Chairman and Managing Director
    Confident Group

    • Rakesh says:

      Dear Dr. Roy,

      First of all, let me wish you a very happy and prosperous new year!
      May it always be remembered as the year that raised the stature of Malayalam movie industry to stand on par with world cinema.

      Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule, to let us know about the latest developments of Casanovva.
      We are eagerly awaiting the release and would be glad to have a list of theaters that would be showing the movie.

      Once again, we wish you and Casanovva all success.

      Thank you.

    • K M Balachander says:

      Dear Sir,

      Am a Film Director of Kannada Industry and looking forward to work under your production.
      And am in touch with Mr. Sundar Singh. and Have been trying to contact you.
      Just to give a short introduction of my subject, I have a film project which is of universal subject for Puneet Rajkumar (Appu).
      Looking forward for your interest.

      • Rakesh says:

        Dr C.J Roy may not be reading your comment here.
        So I would suggest you to send him an email.


  8. Ajay Sreedhar says:

    casanovva is the product of hard work&will.roshan&you have done a great job to make this into reality.now it’s the decision day.january 26.hope it will turn into a suceess.as says”hardwork will bring success”.you have done the hardwork and hope we could enjoy this movie.
    * roshan andrews
    *roy sir
    * bobby&sanjay
    *alan ameen&jim ganesh
    all the best for the movie……………..

  9. jassim says:

    waste movie .when u select a star as casanova atleast mind his appearance also i feel your direction is also very bad.
    why u wasted this huge amount.
    How these sweet ladies go behind mohanlal.there are plenty of handsome guys here

    Also flaws in your movie

    ex: The stund starts in dubai and ends in some where in india.also the grave yard you shown in movie is not in Uae.also , dubai police never use toyota corolla,
    ford endeavour is showing near the grave yard.there is no ford endeavour in middle east.and a lots of….

    i hope you are a wise business man.also i request you to take good movies with nice stories and suitable actors.

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