Mohanlal Escapes Accident

Mohanlal Accident

The latest news from Bangkok is that Mohanlal met with a bike accident on the sets of Casanova. It happened during the shoot of a bike stunt scene involving Mohanlal. While the scene was being shot, Mohanlal who was riding a dirt bike fell of from an elevated platform which seems to be a metre hight from the ground. Fans around the globe were shocked by the news.

Luckily the Casanova escaped miraculously. Many members in different forums have confirmed that Mohanlal is safe and there is nothing to worry. It was also learned that shoot was resumed after a short break. Mohanlal is known to do all stunt scenes himself.

Sanjana who is active on twitter has tweeted about the accident: “Ther was a smal acident on d sets of casanova,lal sir is al fine by d grace of god☺shooting proceeds 2row I’m told☺im joining d crew on 20th”

This is what happened on the sets. Watch this video.

Here’s a Surya TV news clip that details about the accident. Roshan Andrews, the director of the film explains what had went wrong. He says that Mohanlal fell off a bike from a height of 40 feet and escaped miraculously.

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