Lakshmi Rai Blasts Reporter

Lakshmi Rai Photo

Will a glamour girl like Lakshmi Rai like it if somebody say that she’s imitating Nayanthara? This is a no brainer… she will definitely not like it even though many people believes it.

But hear this, some dare devil reporter had the courage to ask this glamour queen if she was imitating Nayan’s attiite and hair style. Come on man, the guy was slapped with this answer: “I eat rice daily and that doesn’t mean somebody eating rice imitates me. Likewise, glamour isn’t the owned property of certain actress. Malayalam film ‘Casanova’ is one of the projects I’m committed with. My character in that film is allied with glamour. My attire in the film is indeed a head turner. I’m dressed up in my own style for the film.”

So that’s good news for Malayalam movie buffs. If Lakshmi is imitating (…well not really) the attire of Nayan in Casanova Malayalam movie then let’s wait for the release and see how she has handled it. If you guys can’t really wait till then, go enjoy some hot snaps of Lakshmi Rai here.

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  1. Mathew Kallungal says:

    Glamour kaari kale avirude paattinu vittaal oru kozhappavumilla
    Avirodu odakkaan pokanda valla kaaryavumundo?

    Chumma vadi koduthu adi medichu kaanum

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