What Happened to Casanova in Bangkok?


We had earlier reported about the shoot of Casanova getting delayed in Bangkok due to strange reasons. Today, we have a clear picture of what happened to the Casanova Cast and Crew in Bangkok. Read on for more.

Today, we have got reports of the drama that took place in Bangkok. When the crew decided for the final shoot of Casanova to be held in Bangkok, an influential person named Kuldeep was appointed as the location coordinator. However, he couldn’t get associated with the project. So another person named Bobby was chosen for the post and there it all started.

The cast and crew reached Bangkok as per Bobby’s advice and gets all set to start the shoot. The passport of Roshan Andrews and others were already with Bobby and his men. Only then did they realize that Bobby was not keeping his word. The charges agreed for a shooting location wouldn’t be the same the next day. It may go as high as 200%. So the shoot could only continue for two day.

Third day, Bobby returns home to attend to his ailing relative and hands over the location’s responsibilities to four of this associates who treated the crew disrespectfully, the least to say. The shoot was held up for a week after which most of the members were sent home. Roshan Andrews had to seek help from the embassy to get things sorted out for rest of the team and bring them home.

The shoot of Casanova is held up for now. But it was known that the crew is taking all necessary effort to resume the shooting at the earliest and bring this much awaited movie to the masses.

May this not happen to any other movie…

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  1. Jith says:

    Hope the shoot will continue as soon as possible..
    Der’s a big question??
    Will the crew decide to shift the location to another place?
    Wants 2 c the movie as early as possible in movie centres..

  2. Jith says:

    Yethrayum vegom shooting complete cheythu cinema theater-il ethunnathu kanaan aagrahikkunnu..
    A request to casanova cast and crew: Try to continue the shooting as early as possible..
    Don’t try to make any compromise in making the movie the best action thriller in malayalam.. ie; don’t try to make any compromise in the action sequences and other essential shots and factors of the movie since you have problems for shooting at there..
    If u try 2 make some compromise u cannot acheive the goal of making the best ever action thriller movie of south india..
    Gud luck..

    • Rakesh says:

      We wish the same…

  3. NITHI says:

    CASNOVA is a mega hit of 2011

  4. Kevin says:

    love the movie lol

  5. Vishnu Mohan says:

    In my opinion u have to take ur on time to finish tis movie.
    d movie will not giv desired result if u finish it off soon for getting rid of d problems and also d movie will be 1 of d great disaster if u does so.
    so plz take ur on time, work hard, face every difficulty with confidence.
    tis movie is malayalees prestige issue.
    mean while u hav to promote d movie through flexs. ad.s etc.

    wishing all d best for a huge success by a diehard “LALEETTAN” FAN

  6. Venugopal says:

    Bangkok is not like Kerala or India.

  7. Bineesh says:

    Lal uncle we the whole malayalees are eagerly waiting for mega bomb blastic ‘casanova’
    “May the mighty god bless u to be long live”

  8. JADEER says:

    I Am Proud To Be A FAN of Lalettan

  9. [...] What Happened to Casanova in Bangkok? [...]

  10. ranjith calicut says:

    all wishes & all the best

  11. [...] What Happened to Casanova in Bangkok? [...]

  12. sajith says:

    The most awaited movie and it ill b the best movie of the year

    jai lal attan:-)

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