Casanova Cast & Crew Trapped Abroad

From the below telephone conversation and many online forums, we have come to know that the Cast and Crew of Casanova has been trapped in Bangkok with their passports seized. Listen to the telephonic conversation from the director of Casanova, Roshan Andrews.

Fans all over the world are disappointed by this and the forums online have been abuzz with discussions. Many feel that the movie may not release in 2011. While some opines that the shoot will be resumed in Dubai and the film may get released by the year end.

We do not have any official reports in this regard. We will update you once we have any news.

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  1. vivek nair says:

    oh my god hope everything will be alright

  2. Kevin says:

    omg, stupid people passport seizing lol

  3. stephin says:

    hello, casanova will b the hittest movie of 2011 ok by stephin daniel

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