Bobby-Sanjay about Casanova

Bobby and Sanjay

Bobby-Sanjay were beginning to get associated with low budget films. That’s when Casanova comes in. For those familiar with them, Casanova may be totally different. But the brothers are confident.

“We don’t want to be branded into any genre. Our films so far have been relatively low budget ones but ‘Casanova’ will be different. It is our dream of a rich, visual treat with fights, special effects, swanky cars and all that. We do not compare our stories and I’m sure the audience will also not. But we assure you they will have our stamp,” says Sanjay, with Bobby nodding in agreement.

“We write what we like to see in films. Something not touched before, something fresh. Sometimes it is about all the rich, lovely visuals that come to us as in a dream that we try to translate into words,” he adds.

Quantity is not what matters, quality does. We write only when a subject interests us,” says Bobby.

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    I have heard of these famous writers numerous times but this is the first time that I see a photo. Thanks for the post.

    • Rakesh says:

      Glad that you found it useful

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