Best Places to Propose to Your Girlfriend

In this article, you will find 7 charming places, which are rightfully recognized as the most romantic corners of the planet. Their amazing atmosphere breathes love, and therefore, many people go here to propose in the most beautiful way for first date questions.

Paris, France. For many centuries, Paris is considered the center of love and the most popular destination for romantic events. Paris has a lot of favorite romance places. For example, you can go to Montmartre to look at the Wall of Love. The wall consists of hundreds of tiles and is covered with the words “I love you” in 250 languages.

Venice, Italy.After a long walk through the magnificent streets and squares, go to local restaurants and enjoy excellent Italian cuisine. If you’re lucky to get to the carnival parties, be sure to get the appropriate outfits. Your darling will be enchanted when you propose to her, wearing a beautiful costume and a mysterious mask.

London, England. Undoubtedly, beautiful London will be one of the best places for your proposal. On the streets of this magnificent city, wedding ceremonies of crowned persons were held. When you decide to propose, it is better to do this in a carriage. After that, bring your loved one to the famous Westminster Abbey (the luxurious wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton took place here), and go to the outskirts of the capital to admire the ancient castles.

Prague, Czech Republic.Prague is rightfully recognized as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe because its unique architecture awakens a craving for the beautiful in the soul. Visit the Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul (located on the territory of the Vysehrad fortress). This place has a sacred significance because the relics of St. Valentine are kept in the palaces of the cathedral.

Tokyo, Japan. If you and your loved one are passionate about Japanese culture, you should think about a romantic trip to Tokyo. The celebration of the Hanami (flower admiring) will be the most opportune moment for your proposal. This amazing spring holiday begins with plum blossom and then the buds of Sakura are blooming. At the slightest breath of breeze, petals from the branches fall like confetti, filling the air with its amazing aroma. At the time of Hanami, nature itself seemed to be clothed in a wondrous wedding dress.

Maldives Do you want the starry sky to be under your and your sweetheart’s feet? Then it’s time to go to the most unusual glowing beach in the Maldives. This is exactly the place where you can truly believe in magic. A romantic evening, a glass of champagne, the mysterious flicker around, and your proposal will be remembered to both of you for life.

Seychelles.It has long been almost synonymous with tropical paradise. For a romantic proposal, it is difficult to find a more beautiful place: the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean surround the island on all sides. Exotic nature, white sand, and the ocean – all this is a paradise for a couple in love.

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