Mohanlal’s Casanova Stunts

Casanova stunt - Would we see something similar?

As you all know, Dr Roy has roped in Bollywood names for the stunts of Casanova. It was known that Mohanlal has performed spectacular stunts including a mind boggling stoppie. Here we cover what a stoppie is and how Lalettan could have possibly performed it.

A stoppie is a motorbike stunt in which the rider manages to get the rear wheel off the ground when bringing the motor bike to a near-halt speed followed by a complete halt or gradually increasing the speed to get the wheel down and speed away! You can see the image to get a better idea of what a stoppies looks like.

Now the question; how could Allan Amin, the stunt master, get Lalettan to do a stoppie? Here’s how he could have possibly done a stoppie.

Your bike may need to have disc brakes on the front wheel to do this. Ensure that your brake it perfect and the pressure in the front tyre is a bit less than the recommended pressure - to ensure a better surface area. Ride your bike at about 30 KMPH on a sand less concrete or asphalt road. When you are ready, lean forward a bit and engage the front brake slowly so that your back wheel gets off the ground. Keep holding the brake till you want the wheel to raise. As a beginner, go no more than a 1-2 feet high. To limit the height, just release the brake slowly.

You may have to try a couple of times before you could get this to work comfortably. Be safe and be informed that you and you alone assume all responsibility if you decide to try it!

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  1. Kobler says:

    Give publicity in kerala regarding all news.. Otherwise no impact wil happen

  2. Kobler says:

    Dr.Roy should take care about it.. There is nothing about casanova in kerala newspapers.

  3. Sr'z says:

    Give more publcity and marketing techiques for Casanova, Maximum no. of flex boards should be set in major towns..Casanova should be a visual impact towards the keraleeyans…Best wishes.

  4. sreejith says:

    true….give more publicity…atleast for 2 months,advertisement should be tehrer before release of filim…and like bollywood filim,have to make filim release with some difference that should attract public…

  5. Luckose raju says:

    The Casenova movie super hit
    Laletan ki jai

  6. sanjay says:

    happy to note that the film will be published in april

  7. vishnu says:

    plz… giv more publicity.

    • Rakesh says:

      There was a show on Asianet on 25th Dec “Xmas with Casanova” for some good publicity… Considering that the shoot’s jus half way, the amount of publicity being sought is very good!

  8. krishnakumar says:

    casanova beat all the records of other malayalam filims lalettan is the one and only the best actor


    casanova……………….I am waiting 4 ur Arrival…………….

  10. Sanashareen says:

    Casanova is hit

  11. Abhinand says:

    unieversal star as 17 yearold boy

  12. Harish........... says:

    publicity of dis film in kerala is too poor…. pls note it… just increase it like sunpictures did in “yenthiran” case,,,,,,,,,

    • Rakesh says:

      Harish, programs featuring shooting of Casanova was aired on almost all channels.
      Also during Xmas a program titled Xmas with Casanova was aired on Asianet.

      There’s a lot of publicity being done considering that Casanova is still in the shooting stage.
      Hope the movie will be a mega hit.

  13. Sanashareen says:

    Lalettan is greater than ***** **** ******

    [Edited by Admin to neutralize]

  14. Abhinand says:

    universal star anther stylish movie

  15. THOMAS says:

    Relese in other state also like vijay s cinema releses in kerala

    • THOMAS says:

      Dubbed in other languages also

  16. THOMAS says:

    This will be a hit in kerala.
    But people from other states who like our Mohanlal should also be given a chance to watch this.
    So please give maximum publicity and release in different states in dubbed version too.

    [Edited by Admin]

  17. [...] Mohanlal’s Casanova Stunts [...]

  18. Sugeesh says:

    We all are waiting for the most stylish movie ever in Malayalam.. Luv u LALETTA

  19. [...] Mohanlal’s Casanova Stunts [...]

  20. MANSOOR EM says:

    Mone lal” cinema kanan mathramullathalla….. Aswadikkanum koodi kazhiyanam…..nee irakkunna item cashu varunnundu ennal kodutha cashu thirike chodikkunna avasthakalanu theatrinu munpil……….. peedikkenda malayala cinemakku muthalkoottaayi varanirikkunna itengale sookshicholu? ((((( cobra,the gangster,sun of alexander,handsome,pick pocket,marthanda varma,balyakala skhi,oru cinema kadha,arival chuttika nakshathram..)))).. Extra….= the mega star mammooty,,,,,,,,,second show,usthad hotel=the mega makan dulkar salman

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