Mohanlal’s Latest Look - Dubai Second Schedule

The much awaited second schedule of the mega budget movie Casanova has started in Dubai few days back. Mohanlal fans around the world were waiting for this golden moment. Like we had in the first schedule, Lalettan’s photos from the sets have started making waves on the internet.

Here are five photos that we were able to get from one of the Mohanlal fan forums posted by a prominent member nick named as Kuttu UAE. Thanks are due to Kuttu. We expect more photos from you!

As seen from these photos, Mohanlal is looking slim and spotted a new hair style. But according to some others on the forum, this hair style in not as part of Casanova.

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  1. ramesh raj says:

    i think he is tired after shooting

  2. Vinod says:

    Lalettan vannam kuranjallo
    Spar aayittundei

  3. Binoy T K says:

    Kidu photos

  4. Don says:

    New cool look…….
    Super LALLETTA……….

  5. jikku alias says:

    muttu photos…………… NEW LOOK OF LALETTAN………..

  6. nakul says:

    laletta …….superb kalakkiiiiiii………….

  7. Nipun M says:

    Best look by LALETTEN forever
    Best Of Luck…………………………

  8. Faras says:

    Mamoottik thadi koodunu, Laletan kurayunu!
    After the success of Chrstian Brothers and China Town… upcoming is Casanova - the most awaited, don’t disappoint us.
    We think the film has good story, stunt, dialogs and a super climax… otherwise u r cheating us!

    [edited by Admin]

  9. sudeep says:

    best wishes for the movie casanova, we hope this movie will be a massive hit in 2011.

  10. devak says:

    THE one and only superstar in indian cinema that is MOHANLAL

  11. devak says:


  12. NithiN says:

    chakkara kutta mohanlaleeeeeeeeeeeeee ummmmmmmmaaaaaaaaa

  13. Rajesh says:

    Best wishes….

    • Rakesh says:

      Thank you Rajesh

  14. vishal says:

    laletan is kewl … he looks awesme and he has loosd some weights tooo he is great … i love him

  15. Sugeesh says:

    Lalettan is rocking, luks are dashing.. The Real Casanova

  16. Titosam Vdacodu says:

    Lalettan is best in all the film industry

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