Casanova Movie Review

Casanova Movie Review

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Casanova Movie Review

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  1. martin says:

    thani sasi padam

  2. Bibs says:

    Totally Dissapointed!!! Bored me to death …

  3. Sam says:

    This is not a comment…its a request to “Roshan Andrews, Mohanlal Sir” and the others who worked in making of this film. “why are you making such movies for this idiotic Malayaalee viewers??” these idiots willnot ever accept the contributions of a malayalee…they only know to clap the hands upon the performance by the TAMIL or tELUGU FILM MAKERS….. This MOvie CASANOVA was a good effort from malayalam industry with great camera works and which was shot at great locations which malayalam industry have not seen until today….still they only know to blame……..”if Rajani is jumping down from a 100 floored building or is hitting a 1000 goons at a time…these idiots will give a standing aviation…….idiots….” MaLAyalees will never change their attitude.

    • kannan says:

      who the hell are u to comment over the malayalee viewers….

    • Vishnu says:

      etha ee padatinnu ithra kuzhapam ennu manasilakunilla. malayalikkalk entha action mathramano vendea? second half koora aanaena ellarum parayunae kettu. enthu koora ennu manasilakunilla.

  4. Bill carson says:

    I havent watched the movie yet…lal should have read the script well before acting…the movie beautiful by v.k.prakash is a superb one, no exotic locations nothing…all we need is a good story with good direction…i think mohanlal is at his best when he acts out the emotions of a common man, which the audience like more….we need another padmarajan to bring back lalettan with suitable roles…

  5. Bill carson says:

    I still wonder movies like singam and velayudham running nicely in trivandrum…is malayalees fed up with our superstars? Hope one day gautham menon makes a movie with lalettan who handled kamal hassan brilliantly in vettayadu vilayaadu and that was a good role to do in his age…

  6. Bill carson says:

    Director Ranjith is doing a good job in malayalam. Hope lal and ranjith join again some day…

  7. Bill carson says:

    My favourite lal films are namukku parkkaan munthirithoppukal, thoovaanathumbikal, kireedom, dasaratham, devasuram, chithram, thaalavattom, kilukkam, manichithrathaazhu, nadodi, kanmadham, udayanaanu thaaram, hello, thanmathra, bramaram.

  8. SHAUN says:

    Only Lalettan looks cool. Film total Waste and Disaster..

  9. Amal says:

    This film is not bad! Super bike race , super action, super love!!!

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