Casanova Malayalam Movie Release

Casanova Release Bhavana

Casanova Release: Bhavana a main actress in the movie

The release of the much awaited Casanova malayalam movie is getting delayed for quite sometime now. It all started with the difficulty in getting the visa formalities ready for the whole crew for shoot in Vienna and other foreign locations.

Despite all odds, the film is finally getting ready for release shortly and will be in cinemas near you in few months. It is heard that the director Roshan Andrews is giving the final touches to Casanova and wants to complete it before he takes up other movies like the one planned for Vikram in malayalam.

If all goes well Casanova Malayalam Movie will be released by Christmas 2010. So hold your breathe tight and wait for Casanova movie release to come live.

NB: While you wait for the film to be released, why not have  a look at our gallery and enjoy some hot photos?

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    Anyways all the best, hope this is going to be worth the wait!

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    Casanova Reles On June or July….cmfrmd…
    Bcoz Kandahar On Dec16
    Christian Brothers On Feb
    China Town On vishu..
    Then Casanova Is Nxt

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    ee kidilan alla polappan padam irangan njan katthirikkunnu ente LALETTA…………..

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    ithanu makkale padam

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