Casanova - The Roma Story

Malayalam Actress Roma

Traffic has come as a welcome break for Roma who was not doing notably well for the last few years. Traffic, which is one of the first releases this year, is doing good at the box office. She has also bagged a coveted role in Casanova to pair with none other than the superstar Mohanlal.

She’s looking forward to this great role and opines that this will be the best character that she has taken up so far - superior to the one she did in Notebook. She’s eager to complete the role of Ann Mary in Casanova that will start the second phase of shooting in Bangkok shortly.

Roma, who shares the lead actress role with Shriya Saran, Sanjana and Lakshmi Rai, refers to this role as a gift from the director Roshan Andrews.

After a box office lull with her films in 2008-09, she had no major offers. It was at this time that Bobby-Sanjay duo offered her a break with the role in Traffic followed by the sought after role in Casanova with Lalettan.

Casanova which is nearing completion with the Bangkok phase is a mega budget film and considered to be a sure hit at the box office. We wish her all the best and hope this would be another great movie that would do Roma proud.

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  1. gokul says:

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    all the best roma..

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  8. Kevin says:

    Pretty ROMA!

  9. JADEER says:

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  10. arjun says:

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  12. jols says:

    Cute actress Roma a talented artist

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    hai you are the lead char of casanova.which is your next films reply me

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