Casanova Malayalam Movie Heroines

One of the main differences that the mega budget movie Casanova can boast off would be the impressive line of heroines that is paired with Mohanlal. In the movie there are as many as 5 heroines who are waiting to entertain the us with their romance and glamour. I guess that this is the first Malayalam movie in recent times to have 5 main heroines through out the movie.

We have galleries too have a look and let us know who is your favorite among them. It is said that, in this movie, Sameera is Casanova’s favorite one. So here they are.

Name Shriya Saran
Character Sameera
Bio Gallery
Name Lakshmi Rai
Character Hanan
Bio Gallery
Name Roma Asrani
Character Ann Mary
Bio Gallery
Name Sanjana
Bio Gallery
Name Nova Krishnan
Bio Gallery
Sanjana Hot Photos
Malayalam Casanova Shooting in Dubai
Lakshmi Rai Blasts Reporter
Sanjana Tweets About Casanova
  1. Tijo says:

    It will be very nice to see you all on the screen together. All the best

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