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As we all know, Casanova Malayalam Movie had been delayed quite a bit. Thankfully, the shooting had been resumed and all’s going well. But since the delay was for a few years, some actors who were part of the original cast are not able to be part of it still.

Earlier, it was thought that Sriya Saran had moved out of the movie. But few days back it was confirmed that Sriya is part of the movie. We had also heard that Samira Reddy would be part of the movie, but eventually the news died out. Not really sure if Roshan Andrews would bring in some surprise factor by concealing the cast till we watch the movie.

Here’s a list of Casanova Malayalam Movie Cast who were part of it originally. The list is not confirmed and may change.

  1. Mohanlal - as Casanova, a business man
  2. Rahman
  3. Shankar
  4. Roma
  5. Shriya Saran - one of the lead heroines
  6. Sanjana - a salsa dancer
  7. Lakshmi Rai - one of the lead heroines
  8. Priyanka Nair
  9. Jagathy Sreekumar - as Casanova’s close aide
  10. Lalu Alex

Check back often, we will update the list as we get more information on any change in cast. Meanwhile, you can have a look at the galleries here: Casanova Movie Stills

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  1. Anas says:


  2. shailesh says:

    laletta shall i get a chance in casanova,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • dubaaikkaran says:

      “പണ്ട് എന്റെ വീട്ടില്‍ ഒരു വേലക്കാരനുണ്ടായിരുന്നു , അവന്‍ ഒരു പാണ്ടി ലോറി ഇടിച്ചു ചത്തു പോയി ” എന്നാ ലാലേട്ടന്റെ ഒരു ഡയലോഗ് ഉണ്ട് .അതിലെ വേലക്കാരന്‍ റോള്‍ തനിക്കു തരാം .എന്താ വേണോ?

      • Rakesh says:

        ha ha…
        ee paranja role kittiyaalum laletante koode abhinayikkaan oraayiram pere kittum…

  3. ashwin james says:

    hai laletta

  4. Anandhu says:

    Thallae nammudae lalattan alu pulia

  5. Anandhupunnala says:

    Wish you all the best lalaettan

  6. Ansar says:

    Enna Release ??

  7. Donu says:

    wer is dimple rose?

    • Rakesh says:

      We haven’t heard any news about her from the sets of Casanova.
      When we have more info, will post it here.

      Thanks for your interest…

  8. Badguy says:

    what is problem Guy?

  9. angry guy says:

    gr…… me one fit actor

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